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A smart, user-friendly online calculator, that will provide, in a mouse click, a detailed and predictive budget of your study outsourcing costs. A day-to-day cost driven decision making tool which enhance your productivity and proactivity at strategic and operational level (supporting your negotiation with SP and compressing workflows)

Master your budget

at every level of your plan

At early stage of your portfolio/ program

At study development kick-off

During study development

Complex studies and fluctuating costs?

An intuitive tool that won't let complexity confuse you

Accurate study budget based on latest healthcare costs

Automated and flexible operational framework

Adapted to all TAs, development phases, classic and innovative study adapted to all therapeutic indications, development phases, classic and innovative study designs

A smart, user friendly online calculator

1 - Enter generic study information

Start with as little information as number of

2 - Auto-generate the study operational framework 

Key study assumptions and patient assessments are predicted based on basic information and can be edited by the user according to the study maturity and to model various "What-if " scenarios

3 - Submit and instantly get a high-accuracy budget 

4 - Download your study package 

Operational framework, study budget summary, detailed budget estimate, RFP and cost grid as-well-as other bespoke reports

Digital clin-ops expert in a few clicks



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